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Membership in the American Academy of Gold Foil Operators has many rewards. Our membership is dedicated to the use of Direct Gold as an alternative to other materials with the advantage of providing long lasting clinical characteristics. Our members take great pride of our record of providing educational opportunities for the established practicioner, dental student and dental educators. We hold annual meetings at dental schools and military clinics across the country. Our meetings are designed to promote our academy's mission of education in the use of Direct Gold Foil. In addition to our clinical dentistry program, we also attract speakers from all diciplines. Direct Gold Foil is our passion, but our values are rooted in continued dental education. We have introduced and shared our vision to hundreds of dentists and students over the past 50+ years. Our members are involved in Study Clubs throughout the world that help refine their technique of gold placement. Direct Gold Foil is one of the oldest forms of dental restorative materials. It is because of it's incredible durability and biological compatability that gold is still the "standard" that all restorations are compared to. It is not uncommon for our members to have patients in their practice who are proud of their gold foils, some place more than fifty years ago.

Associate Membership in our Academy is achieved by filling out the Application for Membership form. Once your application is approved you will have the opportunity to operate at one of our Annual Meetings. All of our active members are required to complete a clinical operation at one of our annual meetings.

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Membership also includes a subscriptipon to Operative Dentistry, the journal of, The Academy of Operative Dentistry, American Academy of Gold Foil Operators, and The Associated R.V. Tucker Study Clubs.

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