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The American Academy of Gold Foil Operators has been meeting annually beginning in 1952, with Dr. Bruce B. Smith serving as the first president. Each meeting is comprised of one or two half-day clinical sessions where members demonstrate the placement of direct gold restorations on patients, and two days of lectures. The meeting is held in the fall, in a different city in North America each year. The American Academy of Gold Foil Operators is the parent organization of the Academy of Operative Dentistry, and shares many common members. Presently, membership stands at about one hundred members, and new members are always welcome. Anyone interested in membership may contact the secretary Dr. Marc Tollefson, (see
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1. Promote the preservation of natural teeth, through quality dental treatment. 

2. Encourage, by practice and teaching, the treatment of carious lesions with direct filling gold and/or partial coverage cast gold. 

3. Encourage and demonstrate treatment under the most ideal and aseptic conditions known to restorative dentistry by application and use of the rubber dam. 

4. Encourage education and research in the aforementioned areas. 

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